Vol. 2 No. 01 (2021)

Landfill Site Selection Using Fuzzy Logic & AHP & WLC (Case study: Razan city - Iran)

Jahanbakhsh Balist
Environmental Planning, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Mehrdad Nahavandchi
Environmental Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Ghafor Sadeghi Bidar
University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Published 2021-03-05


  • Landfill,
  • Locating,
  • AHP,
  • GIS,
  • Fuzzy logic,
  • Razan city
  • ...More

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J. . Balist, M. . Nahavandchi, and G. S. . Bidar, “Landfill Site Selection Using Fuzzy Logic & AHP & WLC (Case study: Razan city - Iran)”, JoCEF, vol. 2, no. 01, pp. 01-07, Mar. 2021.


The landfill has the potential impacts of environmental pollution if not properly selected, which can be irreparable because the environment and health components are human and other creatures. The ultimate goal Locating the most appropriate place to achieve the fewest adverse effects to the environment and natural resources and economically the most cost and engineering perspective to have the best features. This study aims to locate a place for a landfill in the city of Razan. The ARC GIS 9.3 software and the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) are used. The data layers such as elevation, slope, aspect, soil, climate, and vegetation were determined and collected. Then by using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP), weight parameters were given. Then parameters were standard in the GIS environment. The layers obtained the value by multiplying the analytic hierarchy process and data layers together with (WLC) method, and this is the final layer that can be extracted. The final plan was presented to construct a landfill.


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