Vol. 2 No. 01 (2021)

Investigating and analyzing the most important delay causes in Kurdistan Building Construction Projects

Published 2021-06-04


  • Delay,
  • Building projects,
  • Relative importance index,
  • Recommendations,
  • Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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S. Neamat, “Investigating and analyzing the most important delay causes in Kurdistan Building Construction Projects”, JoCEF, vol. 2, no. 01, pp. 08-12, Jun. 2021.


The most controversial trouble that happened in the construction projects is Delay. So, the specified research took part to investigate the basic causes in delaying the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The study gathered information from the insight of contractors, consultants, and owners. A wide literature review has been discussed. The delay causes are recognized built on the identified literature review. These features are characterized into owner-related, consultant-related, contractor-related, material-related, labour and equipment-related, and external-related groups. Twenty- six experienced persons participated in doing the questionnaire surveys to control the relative importance of every cause. The work discovered that the highest five reasons for postponement in building projects are financial difficulties by contractors, variation in prices, postponement in making and appreciative shop diagrams, lack of labour, and mistakes in soil study. Lastly, the probable approaches of dropping plan postponements are suggested. This work helps as a helpful tool for construction experts and academics to prevent reasons for postponement in constructing schemes in Kurdistan.


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