Vol. 3 No. 02 (2022)

Coordinated Traffic Signal Design for Major Intersections in Sylhet City

Md Bashirul Haque
Associate Professor, Dr.
Md Abu Zahid
Research Assistant
Md Nur Alam Siddiki
Research Assistant

Published 2022-06-23


  • Intersection,
  • Coordinated Traffic Signal,
  • Coordinated Phase,
  • Cycle Length,
  • Time-Space Diagram

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M. B. Haque, M. A. . Zahid, and M. N. A. Siddiki, “Coordinated Traffic Signal Design for Major Intersections in Sylhet City”, JoCEF, vol. 3, no. 02, pp. 51- 60, Jun. 2022.


Traffic delay is a very common phenomenon in urban intersections where the traffic volume on the approach roads is high. Coordinated traffic signals based on real-time traffic can be very useful for minimizing intersection traffic delays. Therefore, this study is aimed to investigate the prospect of a coordinated signal system for the busiest and most closely spaced intersections (Ambarkhana, Chowhatta, and Zindabazar) in the Sylhet city of Bangladesh. This signal system will allow a continuous flow of traffic through moving vehicles between successive coordinated intersections so that the vehicles that running at the design speed can pass through the coordinated intersections without a significant halt. An isolated signal is designed for three intersections and linked up to them based on offset values (time to travel from one intersection to another). Phase splits were adjusted using the Time-Space diagram.


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