Vol. 3 No. 02 (2022)

Parametric Investigations into the Analysis of Piled Raft for Multi-Storeyed Building

Hemant Chore
Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar
Junaid Siddiqui
Anjuman-E-Islam Kalsekar Technical Campus, New Panvel -410206
Ashish Kishore
Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar-144027 (Punjab) INDIA

Published 2023-02-06


  • Piled raft,
  • Raft,
  • Pile,
  • Pile length,
  • Pile diameter

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H. Chore, J. Siddiqui, and A. Kishore, “Parametric Investigations into the Analysis of Piled Raft for Multi-Storeyed Building ”, JoCEF, vol. 3, no. 02, pp. 67-73, Feb. 2023.


This paper presents the analysis of the piled raft for a 50-story building using an approximate method to estimate the settlement and load distribution of the foundation. The pile and soils are considered to be interacting springs, and the raft is represented as a thin plate. The model takes into account both the resistance of the piles and the resistance of the raft foundation. It is calculated how the raft, soil, and pile interact. The suggested technique enables the use of the finite element based program ETABS to quickly address the issues of small, non-uniformly arranged rafts and big, non-uniformly ordered rafts. The effect of different pile length and diameter is evaluated on the behaviour of piled raft. With an increase in pile lengths, the moments in the raft are found to increase while the settlement of the pile decreases. Further, increases in pile diameter are found to increase the moments in the raft while decreasing the settlement of the raft. The parameters such as pile diameter and pile length have a considerable effect on the response of a foundation considered in the present study


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